What you didn’t know about the Internet

January 14th, 2013


It’s challenging to envision a world minus the Internet. After all, a lot of us use the web today to watch movies, communicate with our acquaintances, play games and catch up on current events. But just how much do you actually understand the Internet and exactly how it works? You might be surprised at everything you don’t know. The Web site Business Insider recently took an intriguing glance at the world of the web, paying particular attention to those little factoids that you might be unaware of.  Here are three we found interesting:

Facebook is King

You may know Facebook as that place where all of your friends display enviable pictures of their latest vacations or post daily about the game-winning goal their kid scored for the team. But do you also realize that Facebook essentially dominates the net in terms of online traffic? It’s true. According to numbers from Hitwise, Facebook accounts for one out of every five page views on the Internet. This past year, Facebook soared beyond the 1-billion-user mark and the company says it stores about 220 billion photos.

The Biggest Data Center is Rising in Utah

Do you know where the largest data center is found? Soon, it will be Utah. As reported by Business Insider, the National Security Agency is already in the process of making a massive data center in the state. When the center is ready for operation, it is going to store a remarkable yottabyte of data. Like most of us, you most likely have no clue what a yottabyte is. But the name is certainly impressive. And know this: A yottabyte of data represents an absolutely large amount of data. A yottabyte is equivalent to 1,000 zettabytes or 1 million exabytes.  In layman's terms, 1 exabyte of data equals 250 million DVDs...now that's a yotta data!

Streaming is on the Rise

Do you stream movies or television shows on your TV, computer or tablet? Even if you don’t, the odds are high that your next door neighbor might. Streaming has become one of the Internet’s most popular features. Per the Business Insider story, quoting statistics from Harris Interactive, over half of U.S. residents are using the web to watch TV.  The Business Insider states streaming is a huge hit among individuals younger than 35 - especially desired by the younger set, who are absolutely flocking to Web streaming.

Do you use a Web streaming service, or know someone who does?  Do you have any additional thoughts or commentary on this information from Business Insider's article?  We'd love to hear it!