Options If You Want Live Chat On Your Website

December 12th, 2012


If you want a simple way for customers to get a hold of you, live chat is definitely worth looking into. With it, your clients can go right to your website and chat directly with an individual to get their questions answered. This presents both you and your clients with a hassle-free opportunity to connect.

Anyone home?

Recently, Ivana Taylor wrote an article for the American Express OPEN Forum about live chat and how it can make a company more available to consumers. How many times have you frustratingly combed the aisles at Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot, seeking the very same folks who - on the occasions you don't need them - are regularly asking if you need help?  We probably "enjoy" that scenario more than ever now, with the holiday season upon us...With live chat, your customers won’t have that experience when visiting your website. They can ask you a question and get the response right away.

Live chat apps

There are many live chat apps out there. Some are expensive, but there are several out there that are perfect for the small business owner. An easy to use one is called Olark’s live chat tool. This is simple to use, and, as there are no extra features, easy to maintain. However, if you’re looking for something a little more robust, one of these three may be what you are looking for. LiveChat.com, SnapEngage, and LivePerson are all inexpensive and have the added feature of allowing the business owner to live chat via mobile device. This is very convenient if you are always on the move.

The trend

Customers today expect to hear back from businesses quickly when they have questions. If they don’t, these customers will move on to another company. This is where live chat comes in. With chat apps, you can quickly provide your customers answers. You can more readily engage them in conversation. And when you do that, your chances of creating long-term customers are greater.