Your Lifestyle and Your Technology

November 2nd, 2012

As technology moves faster and faster, bigger and better mobile devices emerge. It wasn’t long ago that tablets were introduced; now they are commonplace. And most people in the business world have smartphones. As these newer, more robust tablets and smartphones are released to the market, you may feel some pressure to invest in these new devices.

Diff’rent folks, diff’rent tech

Truth is, though, people are different. Some need the latest and greatest technology. Others can get by completely fine without making the jump to the highest of the high-tech. What type of technology suits you? It may be good to take a long look at your real needs before deciding to invest in new technology.


Tablets can be fun little gadgets, and they are very handy. But are they required for every consumer? If you check your mail, work on excel sheets, or write mainly from home or work, you may not need a tablet. Perhaps you want to avoid working on your commute so you can get some much needed alone time, then you may not want to get a tablet. If you are an individual who works mostly on the go, at coffee shops or from your car between meetings with clients, a tablet can make your life much easier.

The Smartphone revolution

Smartphones let us use the Internet, send and receive emails, as well as perform all of the functions a normal cell phone would. But does everybody need a smartphone? This is dependant on how much computing you do on the road, some individuals may prefer to have their commuting time between work and home to be disconnected from their email. If you are someone who has time sensitive emails that you must deal with, then you may require an advanced smartphone.

The point is that the next time the new iPad or Android device comes out, think about your lifestyle. Will you actually take advantage of the new advancements that come installed in this new great device? If not, it might not be worth your money.