Looking For an E-reader: 3 Top Devices

September 14th, 2012

Many people have e-readers these days. If you are shopping for one, you may be aware that there are lots of models on the market. Most of them are good quality, so you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. We showcase three below.

Nook Color: The Nook Color from Barnes & Noble is inexpensive running around $150. Don’t let the price tag fool you. It is a very high quality item in both the display of images and prose. Among the best features of the Nook Color is that you can touch and hold any word while you are reading and it will provide you with the definition. And I know some folks who really value the backlit pages of the Nook, so they can read in bed without disturbing the spouse.

The Nook Color has some built in applications, like the popular music-streaming site, Pandora. And it’s easy to download more applications from the apps store. However, the one criticism most people have is that many of the newer apps are not available for the Nook Color.

Kindle Fire: The Kindle Fire is very similar to the Nook Color and is one of the more popular e-readers available. The reading experience on the Kindle Fire is remarkably clear and just like the Nook Color it comes with its own email client and web browser. The Kindle is affordable, too, with the current cost being under $200.

What are the only downsides with the Kindle Fire? Some of its controls are far from intuitive. For instance, there’s not a volume control anywhere on the device. To control the volume on the Kindle Fire, you have to tap the screen. Otherwise, though, the Kindle Fire is yet another good e-reader buy.

Kobo e-Reader: This e-reader is not as well-known as the Nook Color or the Kindle Fire. In case reading is your main goal, it would be an excellent purchase. Reviews of the Kobo rave about the sharpness of the display saying that it makes the words very easy to read. There are also a number of font styles and sizes to personalize your Kobo. People have also appreciated the soft quilted back of the Kobo, saying that it feels much more like a real book.

The battery life of the Kobo also beats other e-readers. If you turn the Wi-Fi feature off, the battery can last about a month. Also, you can download e-books in many different formats. This is great for graphic novels, or anything graphics-heavy.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this - which e-reader suits you best?



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