In an Emergency Turn to These Apps

August 17th, 2012

The natural world doesn't seem to care that technology is helping us live more and more comfortably.  In fact, it seems to take offense...Mother Nature is unleashing droughts and record-setting high temperatures. It seems like a new tornado is ripping through the Midwest every day.  In our neck of the woods, wildfires are making headlines in almost every season.  And those are just the big emergencies. Suppose you lock yourself out of your car when your toddler’s stuck inside it? Luckily, there’s a whole class of apps that can help you deal with emergencies big and small. Here is a closer look at three of these apps that may be able to bail you out in the event of an emergency.


AroundMe is a locater app that’s been around for quite a while. Using it can help you find the closest bank or gas station in a pinch. You can see how this would be useful in an emergency. Say you are on a road trip and someone you are with has a medical emergency: with AroundMe you can quickly and easily find a hospital by selecting that as your category. It’s no surprise that AroundMe is such a popular app.  And if you are having an emergency craving for a Wendy's Frosty, AroundMe comes to the rescue with that as well.

CPR & Choking

The name of this app says everything: CPR & Choking gives you tips and full-fledged lessons on how to cope with an individual who is choking or who isn’t breathing. It can be especially handy if you have never taken CPR classes or have forgotten what you’ve learned. This app, which is free, was developed by the University of Washington and King County EMS to save lives. It contains a variety of videos that tell you what to do if a person you know is in the middle of a medical emergency or cardiac event.

Emergency Radio Free

This app gives you access to police, fire, weather, and other live emergency radio feeds all over the world. You can opt to only tune into the ones in your community so that you can stay up to date if there is a local emergency, a tornado, for example, or an armed criminal on the loose.  For parents, this might be a very informative tool during school district lockdowns, which can and do happen for a wide variety of reasons.

Nothing can truly safeguard you against emergencies, but these apps can help you stay aware and be prepared if something were to happen. Sometimes a little piece of mind goes a long way.



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