Three Cutting Edge Technologies

July 18th, 2012


New technologies come out every year, and you can’t predict which ones will likely change our lives. Inc. has compiled a list this year of the most ground breaking technologies that we should keep an eye on. We have laid out three intriguing contenders below.


As we swap most of our devices with smartphones, just about the most annoying aspect of the iPhone is the musical sound quality. The V-MODA VAMP wants to enhance this by acting as an amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S. It will also increase the battery life of the iPhone as it is a back-up battery as well. Swag styling, with an equally stunning pricetag, we predict the VAMP might be most alluring to audiofiles with money to burn.

Alice Receptionist

For small and medium sized businesses, this could be a creative way to help take some of the sting out of payroll costs - Alice is a virtual receptionist that greets people as soon as they enter the office. Visitors can then interact with its touchscreen to contact employees. One of the benefits of Alice is that there is very low learning curve; it’s supposed to be quite simple to use.

Microsoft SmartGlass

Microsoft has created what they are calling SmartGlass. Though this product is not out yet, it has created quite a stir. With it it is possible to turn your tablet or smartphone into a controller for your HDTV. This lets you use your device to control games, music, and videos on your TV. Compelling platform, or just another reason not to get off the couch...time will tell...

We can't predict exactly what technologies are going to make a splash but the three above may be worth a little extra pondering.



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