Get Rid of Spam With Filters

June 27th, 2012

Do you get a lot of spam? You don’t need to continuously put up with it; there are several actions you can take to get spam out of your inbox and your life.

The Power of Filters

First, you could create a whitelist filter. Many email services provide users with filtering options. You can use these options to create filters that leave crucial email messages untouched while sending everything else into a secondary, less-important email folder. Through the judicious use of filters, you can send email messages from certain senders to your main inbox. Those originating from other users – the ones that you don’t consider to be quite so important – will automatically be shuttled to other folders. You can then check these messages at your leisure.

A More Subtle Serving of Spam

Have you heard of bacn? It is a far more subtle type of spam compared to the discount Rolex emails. These are usually things you have opted into such as catalogs and coupons from stores you frequent. But, while you opted in at some time, you may not wish to receive these anymore.

You can easily stop these newsletters from filling your inbox, though, by creating a filter that automatically sequesters email messages with the word “unsubscribe” in it. This is valuable because email newsletters must give users the ability to unsubscribe from them. Therefore, they all must include the word “unsubscribe” somewhere within their messages. Obviously, you can manually unsubscribe from email newsletters, too. However, this will take more time and energy.

These two basic steps will help purge your inbox of its spam and they’ll undoubtedly make you a more productive computer user. So before you spend the next 30 minutes deleting the spam or bacn from your inbox, be sure to set up the filters that will ensure that your most important messages stay a priority.

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