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May 25th, 2012

People and businesses regularly use Gmail these days. This makes sense, as it is simple to use, free, and Google makes good products. If you are using Gmail, you are probably not using it to its full potential. Gmail has several tools that make it easy to keep your email tidy. We have outlined a few below and if you need instructions on how to implement these tools, follow the links.

Label your messages: Labeling your messages is an easy way to keep your inbox organised. This feature lets you add brightly colored labels for particular people or certain topics. For example, you can create an “Urgent” label and apply it to messages that you should take care of right away. Or, if you get a lot of email from your friends that you want to read later, you can create a blue label titled “friends.” This will let you scan your inbox and more quickly address the messages you need to.

Free up space with archiving: Do you like to have a clean inbox but have a lot of emails that you don’t want to delete? By archiving messages in Gmail you are able to move them to an “All Mail” folder to get them out of the way. You can access them anytime this way but they won’t be cluttering your inbox.

Add a signature: Adding an email signature saves an incredible amount of time because every time you send an email you do not need to retype your name and contact information. Gmail permits you to create a signature and automatically puts it into the bottom of every email you send.

Filter your incoming messages: Gmail also allows you to create filters that can automatically label, archive, delete, or forward specific incoming messages. By choosing the “Filter messages like this” option from Gmail’s “More” drop-down menu, you are able to tell Gmail to automatically apply the “Job Search” label to any messages which include the words resume, apply, career or job. You are able to tell Gmail to instantly send all messages with the words “hotel,” “car rental,” or “reservation” to your Gmail “Vacation” folder.

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