Make Your Twitter Feed More Interesting: 7 People

March 7th, 2012

So now that you are on Twitter you have probably followed coworkers, clients, and friends. But maybe you are interested in more then what your coworker did over the past weekend.

Well, lucky for you, almost everyone has a Twitter now.  This includes celebrities, scientists, entrepreneurs, and legislators and you can follow them and hear what they’ve got to say.

Here are 7 of the more interesting folks who you ought to be following on Twitter:

  1. Conan O’Brien: This talk-show host is really a master of the absurd. His posts are always witty and clever. If you’re looking to follow someone that will give you a mid-day chuckle, follow @ConanOBrien. Also, he doesn’t promote his show through his tweets.
  2. Marissa Mayer: You might not know Marissa Mayer, but if you like technology, she’s worth a follow. Mayer is the first female engineer at Google. If you want some interesting tidbits about Google and a look into the life of a tech expert, follow @Marissamayer.
  3. Mike Massimino: Follow @Astro_Mike, if you would like receive the inside scoop about NASA. Mike Massimino is an astronaut who recent made an appearance on The Big Bang Theory, which he then tweeted about.
  4. Rainn Wilson: You may know Rainn better from the character of Dwight Schrute for the popular Television show The Office. What you probably don’t know is that his Twitter feed can be as entertaining as the show. Follow him @Rainnwilson.
  5. Ryan Penagos: If you like comics, you should know Ryan Penagos. He’s the editorial director of Marvel Comics. He’s also a busy Tweeter at @Agent_M. Penagos and recently Tweeted about a new Spider-Man video game and gave his thoughts on his favorite comics. He likes the work of writer Brian Michael Bendis.
  6. Barack Obama: You may or may not have voted for him but he is the Commander and Chief. Learn what’s on his mind on a daily bases @BarackObama.
  7. Bill Gates: You may not like Microsoft Windows, but you should still follow the Twitter feed of Bill Gates. The man has made an undeniable impact on the tech world. And today, he and his wife are devoting their time to important charitable causes.

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