Not All Tech is Successful

February 15th, 2012

We always hear about the most popular gadgets on the market. But for every technology that changes our lives you will find something that flops. It’s tough to judge what the public will take a fancy too, so companies take a risk when they release something. Below we explore a handful of technologies that fall outside of the “took flight” category.

Famous tech failures

  • Apple TV: Apple TV lets customers buy their entertainment directly from iTunes and stream it on their computers, handheld devices, or TVs. The unfortunate part of this, that may be the explanation for its less then popular ranking, is that it is somewhat limited to iTunes.
  • Sony Mylo: You may not recall the Mylo. That is because it came and went without eliciting much reaction from consumers. This Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device enabled consumers to connect to the Internet, send e-mail, and hold online chats. Additionally, it came with Skype for free Internet calls. Unfortunately for Sony, the iPhone and its huge app store simply overwhelmed the Mylo.

The Segway peters out

  • Segway PT: The Segway PT scooter had a lot of buzz before its launch. It was expected to be wildly successful, that it may even replace cars in metropolitan areas. However, people thought it made them look kind of silly so it never quite caught on. I suppose next to a flashy sports car there is no comparison.

The CueCat doesn’t purr

  • CueCat: The CueCat was a handheld barcode reader shaped like a cat. Consumers would use it to scan any barcode and it would navigate them to the company’s website. This did not catch on but did it pave the way for QR codes?

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