Manners and Connectivity

Etiquette rules have changed now that we are constantly connected. We currently compete with smartphones, tablets, and any manner of other Internet-enabled device in direct social situations. Ideally, when we have a chance for face-to-face socializing we should turn off our devices.

Networking in person

We all network, every day. At its base level, networking is simply communicating with someone in an effective way. Whether it’s a conversation at the water cooler or at a business event, knowing how to effectively network is an important skill for anyone growing in his or her career.

Steer clear of these time wasters

Last week we talked about negative habits to avoid at work, including wasting time on the Internet. Though the Web is one of the most useful advances in technology in the past 30 years, it’s also one of the largest sources of distraction. However, workplace distraction was a problem even before the Internet.

How Accessing Entertainment has Changed

Entertainment industries have had to evolve in the past few years as we have gained more access to music, movies and television from online sources. Physical stores are disappearing as these businesses open online stores. Examples of these are Blockbuster, Borders, and, the iconic Virgin Megastore in Times Square.

What not to do at work

Forming a habit can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the nature of the habit. For example, paying close attention to detail and making sure your workspace is clean and tidy are good habits to form in the office. We are all also aware of some bad habits workers can form.

Write the ideal email

Most of us compose several emails every day, to our friends, clients, coworkers and employers. It’s important to note that how we write these emails communicates more than we might realize. Taking time to choose your words carefully is important in order to avoid any embarrassing miscommunication.

Unbelievable Tech Lawsuits of the Last Decade

Usually lawsuits are very serious news and not to be laughed at. The tech industry has had its fair share of these more serious suits. However, we sometimes read about ones that we can’t help but be amused by. This list of unbelievable tech lawsuits from the past 10 years is sure to tickle your funny bone.