Methods to Spot a Good App

August 10th, 2011

What makes a good app? In short, it’s all about value. Apps like the Urban Spoon are useful because they offer excellent service in a market that has high demand, while apps like Angry Birds are successful because they are intuitive and just really fun. However, there are several constants across the board that all good apps have in common. Whether it’s your most loved capacitive touch game or a helpful restaurant guide, here are a few of the things all great apps have in common.

Stability and Reliability

    Any app worth it’s download is one that has been well tested. The development team behind the app should be confident that the app will hold value under non-premium conditions. If the app you’ve downloaded doesn’t work while your phone is in airplane mode, that’s a problem. A good app should have multi-versatile functionality. A good way to determine an app’s value is to research the amount of time spent testing that app before launch.

Consumer Consideration

    A good app will do something worthwhile, be it a practical function or something else that is meant for amusement. However, a developer needs to consider the consumer in the design of any app published. Simply put, if an app is going to consume your cellphone’s entire monthly data plan, it may not be worth downloading. Before paying for an app, make sure to research the data consumption of that program.

A Well Constructed API

    All apps have, in their programing, an API. API stands for application programming interface. Essentially, this is the part of the app’s development that allows it to correspond with other apps. If you use an app that routinely updates your twitter feed, it uses an API to gain access to your twitter account. If an app’s API is faulty, it may experience difficulty when working in conjunction with other apps and, therefore, be rendered ineffective.

While an app’s worth can be of objective determination, there will always be several key elements to look for when searching for that perfect new download. For more tips on finding good apps, take a look a this article.

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