The Pros and Cons of Using Computer Tablets

June 3rd, 2011

Computer tablets have become tremendously popular since the introduction of Apple’s iPad in 2010. Competitors have released their own versions and, almost overnight, a new technological commodity has become a competing force in the business world. Though that’s not to say that tablets are ideal for any business setting. We could very well look at the iPad ten years from now in the same way we currently view tape decks. When determining whether or not to purchase a tablet, it’s best to be educated. Consider these pros and cons before you make this expensive purchase. 


  • Tablets can go anywhere. The cabability to access important documents at any location is valuable. As businesses begin to utilize cloud computing more often, it becomes even more important to increase personal accessibility.
  • Tablets are very practical tools. As developers continue to design new business apps that improve over time, there will be a growing amount of potential work uses for tablets. 
  • Tablets are a sign of professionalism. Having a tablet computer in a meeting with a client or partner rather than a legal pad will let them know that you mean business. In turn, this could increase their confidence in your ability to perform. 


  • Tablets aren’t absolutely essential. There are currently few functions a tablet can complete that a desktop or laptop cannot. Before you decide on a tablet, ask yourself if it is a needed business tool or a wanted luxury. 
  • Tablets can be very distracting. Because tablets are crossover devices between business and consumer, they have the potential to become overpriced toys. Presently, there are far more leisure-related apps than there are work-related apps.  
  • Tablets are a new technology. Though this makes them exciting and cutting edge, it also makes them expensive and sometimes faulty. Developers often release these products before they are perfected, and it might be a few years down the road until a fully reliable tablet is released at a fair price. 

Tablets are powerful tools that strike a balance between practicality and luxury. Considering the pros and cons will help you decide the value a tablet can offer. If you’d like to learn any more information, please take a look at this article.

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