Boost productivity with these 3 office fixes

May 11th, 2011

No matter the time of year or the project you’re working on, there are always things that can get you off task. Though there is no way to totally eliminate those distractions, there are many ways to minimize them and increase productivity. Here are a few of them:

Keep a clean office

Clutter and disorganization can easily distract people from the tasks they should be focusing on. Cleaning the office and inspiring your employees to keep their workspaces tidy can quickly get rid of one of the biggest distractions out there.

Increase the temperature

In one study, a colder office was shown to have quite a negative effect on employee productivity. In a slightly warmer office, employees made 44% fewer typing errors and their typing output improved by an incredible 150%. Based on those figures, a bigger heating bill may be well worth it.

Lighten up

Another study demonstrated that a brighter, better-lit office can help employees stay on task. Employees who worked in offices with windows spent 15% more time concentrated on their work than those in windowless offices.

This trick is excellent not only because it’s a productivity booster, but also because it can reduce your electricity bill by using natural light as opposed to buzzing fluorescents. With those benefits, there’s really no reason not to open your blinds and place employees near windows whenever possible.

These office adjustments are all quite basic and can make quite a substantial difference when it comes to employee productivity. There is really no reason not to try them out, as they each require minimal effort on your part.

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