Security gadgets for on-the-go protection

March 30th, 2011

If you’re traveling a lot for business purposes, or even working every once in a while at the local coffee shop, you know how important data security is. Sometimes, security isn’t all that attainable when you’re on the move all the time, but there are plenty of tools like these three that make it more feasible.

Laptop privacy screens

When you’re working in public, it can be fairly easy for someone to take a peek at your screen and see everything you’re typing and doing. These privacy screens make that seemingly simple invasion of privacy much more difficult.

Laptop privacy screens eliminate the need to crouch over your screen and constantly minimize windows by obscuring any view from an angle. Viewing the screen from an angle results in a seriously darkened screen, which makes it challenging to really see anything.

Handheld paper shredder

Shredding documents is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to data security. Unfortunately, traditional paper shredders aren’t very portable, so it’s not so easy to do when you’re on the go. Handheld shredders make it simple to keep up with this simple security measure even when you’re not at home or in the office.

Mandylion Password Manager

You’ve probably heard many times how important it is to have a secure, unique password for each of your accounts. The problem is, those passwords can sometimes be hard to remember, and you can quickly run out of password options if you have to reset it every time you attempt to log in.

Fortunately, the Mandylion Password Manager quickly and easily comes up with unique and remarkably strong passwords. It touts “military-grade password protection” and can help you manage up to 50 logins. With this, the only password you need to recall is the one for the Password Manager.

For those of us who travel or even conduct business at the coffee shop occasionally, security is important. These tools are easy to transport and make constant security much more feasible.

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