Welcome to my new blog!

March 9th, 2011

Well, you found me.  Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to typing out a few thoughts and ruminations related to technology and business owners. 

As IT people, we sometimes struggle explaining technology to non-IT people and giving straight answers to direct questions (it depends).  Since I started on the operations and management side and evolved into IT, I was blessed that some great technology took me under their wings and explained things well enough to me that I am now certified in many technical areas.  I want to give back.

A few of my clients told me their experiences with me are like a "doctor", as I ask questions, confer back and forth before making suggestions.  So, I chose "doctor" for my site name as I hope to help people through their technology ailments.  I plan to start posting more soon.  Enjoy.

REBUTTAL: Since some of you know me a SciFi buff, I did NOT select the name because I've seen Doctor Who once or twice nor because I appreciated Dr. McCoy's rants against logic.

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