SPOT Cybersecurity Tip: What’s your information worth on the Dark Web?

Cybersecurity Tip from The Fulcrum Group
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The Dark Web. The Deep Web. The Dark Web is a network of unindexed web content. The biggest differentiator between the deep and dark web is that dark web activity is made anonymous through a variety of encryption and routing techniques.

The Dark Web is also unregulated, meaning that it is run and upheld by a vast network of individuals around the world. This network contains thousands of volunteers who operate proxy servers to route dark web requests. As such, no one is responsible for setting rules or ensuring their adherence. This operating model is what makes the dark web such a valuable and appealing tool for cybercriminals and other people with questionable intentions. Click HERE for a more in-depth overview of the Dark Web.

On the Dark Web, cybercriminals buy and sell all kinds of stuff, mostly data. Usernames/passwords. Passports. Malware. Stolen accounts. Access to compromised networks. Personal identities. Medical records.

Here’s what some of the most common items are selling for on the Dark Web.

  • Texas ID – $150
  • Stolen Paypal account details – $10
  • Cloned Credit Card with PIN – $20

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