Here are some of our favorite utilities for download. Almost all of these should be freeware, but please check with the developer to verify current state or licensing requirements. Enjoy.



Active Ports- check open ports
WinMTR- Tracert with ping
Look@LAN- characterize network
Putty- remote management tool
Solarwinds- TFTP server and Subnet Calculator
PRTG- bandwidth meter using SPAN ports or SNMP
Kiwi Syslog- save syslogs from firewalls, switches routers and other devices
Wireshark- packet sniffing software
WinSCP- open source SFTP and FTP client


RealVNC- remote control software
Knoppix- Play with Linux from CD
Exchange Best Practices Analyzer- Check out exchange config
SQL Best Practices Analyzer- Check out SQL config
SBS Best Practices Analyzer- Check out SBS config


UPHclean- clean up registry and open profiles on servers and workstations (not Vista or Win7)
Hijack This- anti-spyware clean up tool
FileASSASSIN- kill files in use
CCleaner- system optimization and privacy tool
Sysinternals Suite- AutoRuns, ProcessExplorer, RegistryExplorer, bginfo and other great network managment utilities
Belarc- Find all software and install keys for your machine
MagicDisk- mount an ISO as a CD
IE Spell- spellchecker for browser window
Windows Support Tools and Windows Resource Kit- check out netdiag and dcdiag for Windows 2003


Secunia- Find security vulnerabilities on your PC
Nmap- network exploration tool
Nessus- security analyzer tools
SuperScan- quick and dirty IP scanning tool, plus other utils
Cain & Abel- password recovery tool
DBAN- wipe hard drive utility
HELIX- ISO for computer forensics (do not attempt forensics unless you are an expert)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware these tools should only be used in a test environment and after reading the documentation. These links here should not be considered a product endorsement, only that we have used the tools at some point.